I am interested in Chakra Healing research. But where to start?

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I have done biomedical science and i am not very interested on the usual doctor’s way of analyzing health problems. I am more interested on ” Natural healing techniques” of the body, which includes Chakra Healing systems, so i thought of becoming a researcher into this field. But i don’t know where to start. Are there any kinds of research going on related to chakra systems? Anyone can help pls..

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SkepDoc 3.0

Yes, since nobody else has even bothered trying, your research might actually try to prove the existence of chakras, meridians and qi.
Let us know how that works out.
Tony, you “don’t pretend to understand” pretty much everything you recommend.


Prove they exist, can’t research something that does not exist.

Tony I

Cross, John, Robert Charman. Healing with the Chakra Energy System. 2006
Gerber, Richard. Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century. Great Britain: Piatkus, 2000
You might also wish to contact David M. Sadker, Ed.D, a professor emeritus at American University, who is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Harvard University and City College of New York: He has given seminars titled “Western Research to Eastern Chakras – Opening the Door to More Effective Teaching”. You can find his contact information here:
Note: For those who want to debate my answer, that is surely your prerogative – however, I do not pretend to understand Chakra healing, though I do think that there are forces in healing and nature we have not discovered or understood fully. My answer is merely intended to provide the type of information the question appears to ask for.


is this serious…

Digital Age

I am a certified master of Japanese ReiKi healing, which is based on chakras. I would recommend you take up the study of ReiKi.
I took ReiKi very seriously and got certified as a master because I had become unemployed, and was hoping it could become an occupation for me. However, after several months of advertising and promoting with flyers, business cards, etc., I could not attract one paying customer. So I had no choice but to move on.
Of course my training does not go to waste…there are so many instances in life where ReiKi techniques are valuable to have, in helping your own self if not helping someone else.


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