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I am in spiritual crisis. All I see is rotting flesh.?

I know, it sounds mad. But I am having a major problem with living in my own skin right now. I have a pretty decent life, I’m decently successful, I have friends that love me, a girlfriend that loves me, family, etc.
To give a little bit of background, I am a Christian that firmly believes in the resurrection but is having trouble with the afterlife. But it is this life I’m trying to be comfortable with. . .
I will be in crowds, in class, in traffic, in a store, everywhere. . . and all I see them as is rotting flesh. I am truly having trouble giving a damn about this life when I know all around us will be dust.
Yes, the dust is millions of years off, but I still care and find myself in despair because of the irrelevance of it all.
I really do need the most serious answers from people that have been here before. I’m not trying to be morbid and I’m not trying to be a “troll.” I ask this question sincerely b/c I see meaninglesness fertilized by the fact all of us will die.


  1. If these thoughts are really bothering you, then ask God to take them away and to fill your heart with joy and love for all those around you. Each soul is precious in God’s eyes and we have to look at people the way He does. That’s what I did and it worked.

  2. Would it make it meaningful if it was permanent? If we lived forever, or if we could build things that would never crumble, would that make life more meaningful than it would be otherwise?
    Is the meaning of it all to be looked at? Does something have significance if and only if people can go on tours of it until the end of time?
    To me, the meaning of life is completely separate of its permanence or lack of permanence. In fact, some things are more meaningful if they’re LESS permanent. A kiss shared between two people in private is more meaningful than one made by Cleopatra to be immortalized by a scribe. Forgotten words between friends are more what life is about than propagandistic speeches recorded and stored in libraries.
    I would say that if life has no meaning if it’s not permanent for you, then you need to seriously reconsider what you consider meaningful in life.

  3. As a medium who sees spirits and the after life, I do see the bodyas a machine of dust that we are in. I also like to think of the body as God’s temple that must be respected even though it is temporary-That is what makes living in it so special-it is borrowed from the Earth and the Earth was created by God’s love. We live on anyways.
    We are only here to help others and to learn from others as well as to teach others. A world of loss is a world of teachings as well. Teachings we can’t get in heaven.
    Have you ever wondered if you have an ability like I have?
    I often get communications from the spirit world and God as symbols.
    Once I’ve translated them, it disapears…b.c I have the understanding of it’s message.
    Dust and decay can often symbolise (death) changes and transitions that need to be made or will be made.
    Is there something in your life that you need to break down? Maybe you are working too hard and things need to go back to their simplist of forms, perhaps you need to end on ething so that you can keep up with other things, or perhaps you will have the end of one situation and the birth of another. We know that with decay comes growth. When a fire burns down a forest and it falls to ash, we get beter soil and that soil grows stronger trees and flowers…Death is never an end but a begining.
    I hope you find your meaning.
    Pm me if you ever need any help or have a question that you feel I could help you with.

  4. I know you’re a Christian, and what I’m going to say might sound blasphemous, but please just read. 😀
    Prince Siddharta Gautama went through the same thing you’re going through. He searched and searched for a way to reconcile this terrible thing called death. He found it sitting under a Bodhi tree. He is the Buddha.
    Buddhism doesn’t automatically include any belief about a god or creation, but rather talks about the nature of life. This life is short. It is filled with suffering. You caused the suffering. You can end it. Those are the basics.
    You see, you’ve caused your own suffering by allowing yourself to become attached to worldly things. Why are you afraid of dieing? It is because you are too attached to the material things you have in this world, and you can’t feel the embrace and warmth of Christ’s love and compassion for you.
    There is actually a practice in Buddhism of visualizing a rotting body. The point of the exercise is to detach one from one’s physical body because, in the end, it will be dust. Realize that most things aren’t that important.
    What are you attached to? If it’s your lifestyle or some kind of pleasure, then get rid of it. It it’s your family or your relationships, realize that (from a Christian perspective) that Christ’s love is ever-present and even your loved ones can join you one day in heaven.
    It’s a bad idea to just ‘not give a damn’, but you’re on the right track. Because you’ve realized that this life doesn’t really mean anything, use it as an opportunity to make life as great as you can.
    Best of luck.

  5. yes all of us will die but we will go to a better place then here. and yes we will still work and do work for God. after we are dead and gone. are spirit will live for every.

  6. Satan is getting to you and you are resisting. Continue praying and confiding in God. Don’t forget that God created us to have fun on earth. Reading Philip Yancey’s books may help. God Bless.


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