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I am in dire need of what was called "shakabuku" in a recent film, or enlightenment, or satori, or clarity. ?

I just woke from a forgotten dream and saw everything differently. I realized my apathy, my moroseness, my perversity, my many flaws. Bizarre. Does a “retarded” person realize they are “retarded?” Do we live in a cocoon of self-delusion, never realizing what we are, how others see us, whatever truths there may be about ourselves?
As I returned to wakefulness, I began to lose this thread of thought, but am struggling now to voice it. If this means anything to anyone out there, please help me, I need to figure this out.


  1. Terrific question.
    I wondered if people can run with different logic when dreaming. Kind of “quantum computing”.

  2. You had what is called an epiphany. If you chose to feed this train of thought it will continue to grow and make you either better for the experience or drive you insane trying to figure yourself out. You are lucky to have even noticed it. Most everyone has had this moment in their life, some just chose to ignore it. I have been there myself. It will seem hopeless and scary at times but you will find your path.
    “All that we see or seem to be is but a dream within a dream.”
    —-Edgar Allen Poe

  3. Lao Tzu once said to his disciple Chuang Tzu on their first encounter “You are already enlightnened and even if you wanted to become unenlightened there is nothing that can be done.”
    We are born enlightened and so there is nothing to be done only a realization needs to be there.
    You only need to see it, for this to happen there is a great deconditioning that needs to take place. All of your ideals need to be wiped away, I have begun to do so myself without the help of a Master.
    I simply started reading Zen, which led me to Tao, and i am now reading Tantra and none of them force any ideals on you. They simply tell you to look within and find out what you feel.
    They say forget society forget all of the religion that has been forced on you since birth and find out what it is that you are deep down inside.
    I hope this helps you.
    If it doesnt then just recite your alphabet backwards from G to A and find out what comes before A dont stay at A and dont go to Z but remain just in the middle.

  4. you have experienced an awakening. Other people’s self-ignorance will predispose you to reject this valid self-understanding. You will be thinking that if true there is something wrong with you. Well there is something wrong with you but it is only the same thing that is wrong with almost everyone and it is quite understandable when our whole society is set up to distract you and to keep you entertained – to keep you happy. A ‘happy zombie’ won’t be affecting the fabric of the society in an actively negative fashion and that’s what ‘they’ want. the masses are in this category and they are similarly not affecting our society in a positive fashion either so the stagnation and apathy you have noted in yourself is actually everywhere. it’s the easiest thing in the world to ‘press the snooze button” on personal development as it so easy to be distracted – Stay awake and wean yourself off apathy slowly move towards being worth something more, it’s time to stand out from the crowd – move towards personal qualities based on who you are and what you are good at.
    the heartiest of best wishes to you, you just became real


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