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I am in Chicago, where do you recommend to go to cleanse your body of negative energy? ?

I have heard about Reiki and the cleansing of Chakras. Does anyone know a good healer or practioner. I am looking for someone traditional with a knowledge in the area and not a born into. Any suggestions? Is there something you do at home as well? Is it expensive? Have you felt negative energy surrounding you or being cast at you before. Is the best recommendation to go to a professional?


  1. There is no such thing as “life force energy” negative, or otherwise.
    You don’t need to “cleanse” yourself of anything.
    For those feeling inclined to thumbs down my answer, I ask you please to offer any proof at all that ki/qi/chi, chakras or meridians exist, or that any “energy” healers can reliably detect, or meaningfully affect health by interacting with them.
    When subjected to proper controls, Reiki practitioners are unable to detect a persons “energy” any better than random guessing would predict. If they can’t find it…how can they fix it?

  2. Go to IARP.ORG and look for their listing of Reiki Practitioners.
    Many cultures have had cleansings. Smudging is a good thing used by the Native Americans. What they do is use White Sage bundles that you light and let burn as you sweep the smoke being created all around you and in your environment.

  3. I can send you a free distance Reiki session. There is no “time” or “space” where Reiki is concerned.


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