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I am highly interested in recieving a degree in divinity or something that has to do with the occult….?

I just broke away from the christian church but would still like to deepend my spirituality. What is the difference between theology and theosophy???? Can I find any schools in the US that teach on the subjects??? I would like to combine one of these with psychology


  1. Er…go for a philosophy major….but then, the only thing you can really do with that is go into law school….

  2. Theosophy is a form of theology.
    Theology is the study of the nature of God and religious beliefs.
    Theosophy is the study of the nature of God and specific religious beliefs.
    It is a form of theology just like protestant thology, Catholic theology, Jewish theology, etc.
    generally a degree in divintiy is a masters or doctorate you don’t combine those with anything. You would have to get your undergrad in psychology with maybe a minor in religious studies and then go on for a masters of divinity.

  3. If you really want to deepen your spirituality, you should take a broader approach to your understanding of the world. Spend time learning (not necessarily believing) in as many religions and doctrines as you can.
    You will then gain a much larger understanding of principles that religions were founded on. You will notice that all religions have very similar underlying messages. This will give you the deeper intuition that you are searching for.

  4. Research schools that have good Religious Studies departments, and see how their Anthropology department is as well. Theology will be teachings in one particular tradition, and is general for those who want to be clergy of some kind. Religious Studies covers a very wide variety of traditions (or it should anyway), and looks at things from many angles, not just those of applying one particular dogma.
    You want a school that has a great deal of classes in traditions other than just the Abrahamic ones. See what is available in Hinduism and Buddhism. See if they offer any classes in tribal &/or indigenous spirituality. Look for Anthro classes (or perhaps they may be part of the Religious Studies) in witchcraft and magic. See if there are classes offered in ancient Egyptian, Greek, or Roman religion and culture.
    However, you’ll have to do your own occult studies independantly. You can get a good grasp on the academic view of those topics from university, but no (or so few that I have certainly never heard of them) offers anything real in studying occult practice from an insider point of view.


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