I am having – or have had (I can't tell) – a crisis of consciousness. While first believing myself to be…





… an atheist many years ago, I realized after some time that I am “truly” agnostic. Now, I have recently learned more about ignosticism and believe myself to be classified more precisely as this. It’s not that I am going around looking for labels for myself for arbitrary reasons but rather that I enjoy religious debate and would like to concisely state my position as efficiently as possible.
Anyone else consider themselves ignostic?
Clear: Thank you for making my question your-namesake-er by posting the link. 🙂
Larry: It’s not synonymous but the two are often correlated.
Umm… Cheir:
*I*gnosticism is not a misspelling of agnosticism. It is a philosophical stance that one cannot even address the issue of the existence (or nature) of God without first defining what one means by the word “God”.


  1. Life is all about re-evaluation…..go with the flow. The important thing is to keep thinking and to be tolerant of others’ views.

  2. Agnosticism is a very logical choice, in terms of absolute proof. It’s way better than being a sheeple.
    I am an Atheist, but by choosing to be agnostic, you are using your own mind, not the mind religionists would program into you…

  3. Why do you need a label.
    You can’t tell the players without a label, right. So you, and everyone else, is player.
    Atheists are players
    Agnostics are players
    Catholics are players
    JW are players
    Mormons are players
    Muslims are players
    I have a lot of appreciation for the 50 to 100 million out there they wear NO SIGNS AT ALL
    They are the “decline to state” people
    They are the “it’s none of your business” people
    They are the “I don’t have any membership card” people

  4. ignostic? or agnostic.
    I am agnostic, and very comfortable in my belief.
    There is no way to know whether a God exists or not.
    However, I am an atheist when it comes to the biblical God, that does not qualify to be called God, it is more a chief tribal God than a supreme , all powerful entity.

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