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I am having – or have had (I can’t tell) – a crisis of consciousness. While first believing myself to be…

… an atheist many years ago, I realized after some time that I am “truly” agnostic. Now, I have recently learned more about ignosticism and believe myself to be classified more precisely as this. It’s not that I am going around looking for labels for myself for arbitrary reasons but rather that I enjoy religious debate and would like to concisely state my position as efficiently as possible.

Anyone else consider themselves ignostic?
Clear: Thank you for making my question your-namesake-er by posting the link. 🙂
Larry: It’s not synonymous but the two are often correlated.
Umm… Cheir:

*I*gnosticism is not a misspelling of agnosticism. It is a philosophical stance that one cannot even address the issue of the existence (or nature) of God without first defining what one means by the word “God”.


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