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I am having a total downfall from my spiritual path and I did something VERY VERY wrong?

I had had a spiritual awakening while I was staying with this man. We had just had a baby and it was a new beginning for my life, where I’d wanted to be! I’d had a run-in with a man prior to my husband who had showed me God and made me a believer. I felt as though I needed to start a new life and do right by him and his teachings. I have always practiced yoga and yoga teaches to focus on God. He had told me I was a perfect person and in this I had found the confidence to do things perfectly. I feel as though I have really messed things up and I don’t know how to make it all right again. I know many people were praying for me and I feel as though I failed at my second chance to live life on the right path. I don’t know what to do with my life now to make things right again. I feel as though I let the entire world down when my husband and I did not work out. He was always so entranced with worldly things like friends and sex with other females and I was searching for God and an understanding of Him, which I had attained. Him and I couldn’t find a level ground, we were constantly fighting and he was violent toward me, which was okay because sometimes I could understand what would make him feel like doing this.
Please God, give me one more chance, help me remember how to live the way you have instilled in me.


  1. God, the Universe, whatever you choose to call it, NEVER makes mistakes. Everything is existence is held in perfect balance. In order for everything to stay in balance, the Universe always makes the best decisions for itself. Anything that you choose or anything that happens to you is ALWAYS the absolute best possible outcome. If it were not the best possible outcome, the Universe would not have allowed it to happen, for then it would be out of balance. Make sense? For example, if I get in an accident and lose my legs, I could choose to dwell in misery about what could have been, or I could choose to embrace it as the best thing that could happen to me at that exact moment. A positive outlook and faith in God and the Universe will carry you far in your life. Don’t ever lose that fire you have inside, and it is never too late to make things right.
    And it is NEVER justified for a man to be violent toward you. You are a piece of God and the Universe, and anyone who abuses that does not deserve to be in your life and does not truly understand what He teaches.

  2. Dear, you have your chance right now. You are free from a relationship with a man who physically hurt you. God has opened up a door to a new life for you, a life that is safe for you and your child, and now God is an integral part of this life. You have NOT failed! This man you were with didn’t love you enough to accept you for who you are and what you are becoming. Instead of accepting you, he turned violent. You are FREE girl! Thank God for this. No woman, no matter what the situation, deserves to be abused. Find someplace safe and comforting for you and your child, and Thank God everyday for giving this to you. All of this was a wake up call from God, to show you the kind of man you were with, and to show you that you deserve much better in life.
    God bless you, and keep you. You have your second chance, live it, and feel the blessing of God working in your life!


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