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I am having a hard time getting in touch spiritually so that i can do my tarot readings, what can i do?

i usually try and get in touch with my inner self. i usually say “hello” to my core self and have short conversations and use my left hand when picking the cards because i can feel my inner self in my left hand. but now when i use the cards i cant seem to connect, something wont let me focus or idk i cant get spiritual. also i am curious about the dark side of tarot. what is it? what are the risks?


  1. Deep down inside, you realize that tarot is for entertainment and has nothing to do with real spirituality.
    Congratulations – you are coming of age.

  2. Isnt it odd how people still believe in something that was dreamed up by a crackpot 1500 years ago when people knew no better than to think the Universe revolved around the Earth? They walk around with their IPODS glued to their heads texting people, watching their big screen TVs and all the while believing that ancient bunko! LOL!

  3. Yeah sometimes it can be hard especially when life has been geting in the way of your thoughts. it is hard to separate yourself from your own problems. meditation is always the best tools. but the message that the powers that be are trying to tell you is that you really need to handle the things that keep popping into you head instead of the tarot message. (Time needed to be spent on you sometime has to be forced on you) just try to relax and take some time off for a few days. then try meditation again.


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