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I am going through a spiritual awakening, I'm new to this, can you please help?

So I have been experiencing symptoms of spiritual awakenings- feelings of rushing energy surges while sleeping, hot hands and feet, tunes in my head, vivid and meaningful realistic dreams, new body adjustments, creative drawings, new perspectives, and spiritual symbols and signs.
The problem is that two weeks ago before I didn’t know what was going on, I was a stubborn atheist. So yeah, I’m extremely new to this. Now I find myself very interested in the subject of Spiritualism. Its good finally know the truth and what’s really going on. I have been researching the symptoms and came across this website: http://www.sunfell.com/symptoms.htm
So I know a little bit of what I should expect.
The thing is, is that I am very eager and ambitious to learn more about it, such as meditation, prayer, and basically everything about the subject. Is there any website that is good for beginners? Something that explains how to meditate well and some criteria or guidelines that I should follow during the process? Also maybe something that explains the higher organization of things? I understand that all souls of all races/worlds may live a few physical lives and each time it is decided between our spirit and God. I also understand that only God can create spirits, and I am being guided by spirits and angels. From the looks of it, our soul is constantly evolving after each life, is that correct?
Also, one more question, what is this truthful belief called? Spiritualism? It is not a religion, right, because its the truth.
Sorry Christians, but don’t waste your time on answering this. No Bible references please.
Thanks for all your support and help. I really appreciate it.


  1. Just let it come naturally and in it’s own time.
    You needn’t do a thing about it if you don’t want to, you’ll experience the benefits anyway.
    And often, it’s actually a lot better to do things this way, you get to enjoy it more.
    There will be times when you won’t know what’s going on, like you mentioned, during such times it is important to keep a level-head and try not to be too easily freaked out.

  2. All these symptoms sound more like heartburn than anything to do with the spiritual realm. The best way to work through this time in your life is to take some antacids, get a proper sleep schedule, maybe a bit of aspirin for the headache and start reading some good skeptical literature. I suggest theskepticsguide.org

  3. Enjoy the spiritual calling to you. I think many of us go through this wonderful feeling. I enjoy hearing my thoughts during my prayers to God. It enlightens me and makes me feel healed.
    daily I sit on my steps outside and meditate while seeing the birds singing and the beauty that surrounds me. This gives me special joy. It moves me and makes me feel in a good world. It awakens my mind and opens my physical being. It shows me the work I should complete and do every day. It gives me a special closeness to God and His love. These I am so thankful for.
    I love my husband and our children and now our grand children and a special blessing of great grandchildren. I love everyone in our world because God made each and everyone and this will be the way I see life forever. It gives me Love, Happiness and healing so what more could make me any happier.

  4. A lot is happening for you very quickly. It is good, but please…
    GO SLOW.
    The web site you mention is pretty good, but the trap there is that your mind will latch onto the various symptoms, and convince you they are happening, when existentially they may not be. (Like when a med student gets every disease she studies!) Do not spend too much time studying it. Stay with your own experience.
    The most important thing you can do at this stage is develop a regular meditation regimen. I will suggest a few simple techniques below. Do one of them every day, in the morning or at sunset.
    Also, you might consider looking around at local meditation groups, tai chi classes, yoga classes, and so forth. It can be very helpful to work with a good teacher and group. You do not need to go thru this transition alone. How do you know which group is right for you? Go by feelings, rather than thinking. Sit in on a class. If your heart expands at a class, this is a good sign. If it contracts, not so much.
    You mention you are eager and ambitious. The best thing to do is notice when you feel these things, and watch them, rather than act on them. An ambitious meditator is headed for a very dark road. After all, meditation is all about *melting* ambition (and other forms of unconsciousness). Now, you will continue to feel ambitious, because you are human. But you do not have to act on it. You can slow down, and watch it.
    With regards to meditation, the main thing is — do not try to stop the mind. When thoughts happen, watch the thoughts. When feelings happen, bring awareness to them. Accept whatsoever happens from your heart, without trying to change or fix anything. Allow yourself to happen.
    Don’t worry about systems of thought which try to organize things. There are a million of them out there, and they are all mind stuff. True spirituality goes beyond mind. Bring your attention to strengthening your awareness, your presence in the here-and-now.
    One meditation technique is called Vipassana, and involves watching the breath. You simply sit comfortably, perhaps with legs crossed, back straight, and you watch as the breath comes into your belly and leaves your belly. No alteration of the breathing is needed. Eyes closed or half-open. If your awareness leaves your breath (as it almost certainly will!), simply notice, “ah, I am not watching my breath,” and bring your attention back to your breath. Do *not* try to stop your mind, or change or fix anything. Simply watch with non-judgment — whatever is, is alright. Accept it from your heart. Begin with five or ten minutes a day, in the morning or around sunset.
    Another meditation technique is called gibberish. Make all kinds of sounds, as long as they are not a real language. Pretend you are talking in a language no one knows. Make loud sounds, soft sounds, angry sounds, sad sounds, just create any non-word sounds you like. Really get into it! And move your body around too.
    After five or ten minutes, stop, and sit silently for five minutes, becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, or sensations. Just watch. Do not try to change or fix anything. Do not try to stop the mind. Love yourself, and accept whatever happens from your heart.


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