i am enterested in enochian magick but i have a bad history with the paranormal 11 yrs of nightmares.?

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Should I even go any further with the practice. My whole goal for searching is to regain some thing i lost in my mental and physical abilities do to heavy binges (cope with depression and night mares). What lies ahead I go any further trying to unlock my mind and soul.

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Science and medicine do a far better job dealing with depression than any type of magic (no matter how you spell it). Go to a doctor and get some real help.

marilyn m

well since you have not learned from things before let me tell you these things are from the occult and can only make matters worse for you.I have heard many horror stories of things that can happen,and demons can mess with you,do you really want that?

hells belles-lettres

Do you practice magick already, or this a new interest for you? I’ve read a little bit about Enochian Magick, and it’s one of the more intriguing and beautiful systems I’ve seen. It just seems to be very complicated for me personally. If you’re new to magick, you might want to start smaller.
Even though you might be able to find some balance in your life through other means to help with some of the physical and mental stresses that are troubling you, those things don’t always speak to the soul. A balance of both is really a very good thing, and will only help you. Seek medical attention, and talk to a professional about your depression. Magick is never a substitute for either, but it can definitely be a enhancement. There is a lot of healing and clarity in magickal work of many means. If you’re worried about the paranormal, there are plenty of other magickal systems that don’t conjur entities or the paranormal. If you’re uncomfortable with that, then perhaps someone is trying to tell you something.
The great thing about magick of any kind is that sometimes when you’re drawn to it, it’s for a very good reason. It can’t fix everything, but really, the spiritual outlet that it can give you is truly a gift. When it’s right, it’s right.
Good luck to you on your journey.


first off, i don’t think you should try to push forward at this time. from your question it feels like you have already pushed the limits of what you can handle. the purpose of any practice is not to rip us apart, it is to lift us up and make us into what we are capable of being.
i would strongly suggest that you see a doctor to rule out any physical ailmemts that might be giving you problems nd possibly seek out a referal to a mental health profesional to evaluate you. you could find it to be helpful and you must be honest with them.
because you don’t offer a lot of information as to where you’ve been with magick, i can only offer you some limited advice from my pagan point of view.
i think you are suffering from a backlash from your own fears and from a lack of understanding of what you were getting involved with. when you dn’t fully understand what you’re doing, your mind will fill in the gaps with whatever information is stored in it. unfortunately, we live in a culture that has instilled a fear of the occult in most of us. even when we seem to have conquered that fear, it can still linger in the hidden corners of our mind.
realize that your nightmares are caused by your own mind, not by demons or evil things outside of it. try keeping a dream diary so that you can begin to study your nightmares and see if they are trying to tell you anything .
i would suggest that you not actively practice magick right now. i don’t think you’re mentally ready to handle it. take some time, practice meditation, learn some cleansing exercises if you don’t already know them.
also, if you’re able to get it, i strongly recommend israel regardie’s the middle pillar. i think chapters 1 and 5 could be of great use to you.


Only calling on the name of Jesus Christ can help you. Ask Him to come into your life and rescue you of all these things. Repent of your sins.
For help click on the link below


It is my awareness that (barring an endroctinal imbalance of
some sort) sleeping problems (since before Ancient Greece)
have been know to be “co-incidental” with Saturn in or ruling the
9th house of the Natal Chart. You haven’t posted data to allow
for a quick eval of this…so I am unable to eliminate that
Your other syntax (refernecing “finding” parts of yourself) are of a
classic form for one who has experienced a form of “soul loss”.
Soul Retrieval is possible thorugh the services of an experienced
I will post some links below for personnel I know of that are
experienced/skilled in such things.
Regarding the Enochian System:
I would recommend against your pursuing this avenue until
you have “stabilized” yourself. Be aware that certain well
known Orders of Ceremonial Magicians (such as the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Templi Orientis)
consider this ADVANCED LEVEL.
Such Orders normally encourage students to participate in
Therapy (such as Reichian) along with their programme of
“basic stuff” to better prepare the Seeker for the stresses and
strains the Enochian will put their Body of Light through.
Part of this is (I understand) due to the earlier members of those
groups having directly observed personnel with “unresolved
issues” or imbalances being “fried to the proverbial crispy
crunch” after initial usage of the System.


Simple , talk to a Psychic, Energy Healer.


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