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i am doing a science project: how can i make a subliminal message?

my little sister is doing a science project (grade level 8) on Subliminal messages and how they effect the brain. How can i make a subliminal message


  1. Can you put together a collage of pictures, just random items from magazines but put them together (common colors) in a way to represent something larger? Like I’ve seen people do with pictures, they’ll take a lot of pictures and put them together with a bunch of blues and make the Statue of Liberty for example. Hope this helps inspire ideas.

  2. Have some whisper something in your right ear and someone else whisper something completely different in your left ear at the same time. You cant consciouslly hear what they are saying because you hear 2 different voices and messages at the same time, but your brain will still receive the information. Get the 2 people to whisper a whole sentence.


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