I am disgusted by my husbands aura and can not bring myself to have sex with him lately, what can I do?

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Usually my husband and I engage in sexual intercourse about 4 times a day, but lately I have only been able to force myself to be intimate with him about 5-7 times a week which is putting a big strain on our relationship and making it very difficult for our family because we are not letting our energies flow as they should. This has been especially difficult for our children Bodhi and Maitreya as they are very sensitive children and always immediately pick up on our vibes. I want to make things right again, but I can not handle my husbands energy as of late. Just being in the same room as him causes my aura to change from Purple to Orange and creates negative spiritual knots in my Solar Plexus and my Root Chakra. My husbands energy has been like this for about 2 months now ever since he caught me and the host of the swinger’s party we attended exchanging energy. He has since forgiven me, but I suspect that he may still be angered deep down and has excluded me from his aura subconsciously and is pushing me away. These vibes that he is irradiating are very nauseating and I can no longer take it. I would like to repair our relationship and especially restore our great sex life, but I am stranded on a dark road and can not find my way back.

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Mustang Natty!

Do you work to be having sex 4 times a day!? Geesh!

Greg N

I don’t believe this question is for real. Who in their right mind has such beliefs in all this spiritual stuff and yet turns to, Yahoo! Answers for help. No… no.


umm, have more SEX. stop complaining. also WTF


Try marriage counseling.
It sounds to me like he is upset about the exchange of energy you had with the other guy.
Marriage counseling might help. However, it is not guaranteed.


“These vibes that he is irradiating are very nauseating”
Super lulz . 9/10 stars.


\ hmmmmmmmmmmmm/


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