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I am attending a Chakra Balancing class this week but I have severe seasonal allergies and feel awful….?

…should I still go in hopes that my body will feel better after the class or could it possibly make me feel worse?


  1. chakra’s do not truly exist in the world to be honest which is why that class and other things like that class do not work, go to a doctor and get some meds which will clear you up, if you do not want to go to a doctor go to a store and buy some OTC drugs to clear your problems up, and it to be truthful if you will not do this, then you have no right to complain, because everyone has a right to take care of themselves and if they dont, they should not complain

  2. wow. You have to be really careful. If it goes wrong you could entangle your chakras and be much worse off.
    The only proven way to manipulate your chakras is through Quantum Elbowology. This is a technique using the power of the zero-point energy field and quantum fluctuations that a skilled practitioner can manipulate to realign your chakras. Do make sure you go to a skilled practitioner though, the last thing you want is entanglement.
    It’s only just becoming mainstream, but this is science at its best.

  3. If anything, it should help you to feel better. Any form of meditation should help to balance your body (and your chakras) properly.

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