I am an athletic, but inflexible male. What is the best type of yoga to start with? Any DVD recommendations?

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I am 30 and starting to feel my age. I am hoping yoga can increase my flexibility, and improve my performance on the basketball and soccer field. I’d prefer to start with a DVD, then maybe do a class. I am not sure the difference between all the yogas (Ashtonga, Kundalini, etc.)

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Lethal Fixation

Maybe you can start out with a beginners DvD!
This is a very fast paced, intense style of yoga. A good choice for physically fit individuals who like a challenge
***Iyengar***(i personally think you should think about this)
A good choice for those who have physical limitations. Since it focuses so much on correct body alignment, it is also a good starting point for beginners before they move into faster paced styles.
Held in rooms heated up to 100 degrees in order to allow your body to stretch without injury and release toxins. A strenuous style and should be avoided by people with certain health conditions unless they get clearance from their medical professional
Power Yoga
Intense Workout. Best suited for athletic, well-conditioned individuals.
This is for spiritual enlightment…not what your looking for really.
Its goal is for the individual to gain a deeper inner awareness and to nurture a relationship with his or her body..dont think this is what your looking for either.
Emphasis on the meditative rather than the physical aspects of yoga…so dont think this would help you either.
***Viniyoga***(and i think you should think about this)
A valuable style for someone who is dealing with an injury or other physical restriction


Forget Yoga. If you are truely athletic, look at Dick Hartzel and the Jump Stretch Flex Band system. I’ve seen this guy do things that most gymnists wouldn’t even dream of doing. He works alot with normal athletes, but he also spends alot of time working with Powerlifters (If you want to see a difference, watch what he can do to a powerlifter.) He will not only help make you more flexible, but he will also make you alot quicker and stronger. There are a few places that you can look at him on the web. Start with these.


Best type of yoga to start with is Sahaja Yoga.
Yes Sahaja yoga can increase flexibility, and improve performance in many fields. We prefer to start with do a class/meeting/center. Then you will know the difference between all the yogas (Ashtang, Kundalini, etc.)
Visit http://www.sahajayoga.org for nearest center and more stuff like books, DVD, Cd’s etc


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