i am a Zen Buddhist Fruitarian. Can I reach enlightenment?

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can I reach a total different dimension and consciencess?

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Call me if you do.

ʎəʌəəʍ ʎəʌəəd ʎəʌəəls

I don’t know.

Cactus Prophet

anyone can achieve self realization. the same seed exists in all of us.

⌡Machine HeadâŒ

Avoid taking statins while eating grapefruit.


With enough fruit you will be able to sit and think about it.

Kyle S

I don’t know, can you?
When I want to reach a totally different dimension of consciousness, I just drop a couple tabs of acid.


If you think the world is better off without weapons, starving peoples, governments, and the constant bickering of religious peoples involved in a war of words, then you are already enlightened.

Rev. T

Yes if you believe you can find truth.


true enlightenment comes from jesus the knowledge of salvation what good is it to gain the whole world and lose your soul ask god for wisdom


Perhaps reaching conciseness of this world is enough.


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