I am a yoga and reiki master .I want to teach this in singapore especially for tamilians.How can i do it?

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You seem to know their is a large enough number of tamilians in singapore. Next is to find out if they are into it and if not why, and also how you can get them interested into doing it.
One way is to use community centres or temples belonging to the tamillian community. This will emphasis it especialy for the tamil community living there. Advertise the benefits of yoga and reiki and even how it can help individuals. Stir up a word of mouth by speaking to individuals and how you may may be able to help them in their own individual symptoms, circumstances.
I say begin by setting up the studio in the community centre/temple that the community is familiar to. Get talking to people. Get addresses and send out leaflets showing not just the benefits of yoga and reiki but advertise yourself and your qualifications to show your expertise and that your not some tom dick or harry that knows bits and bobs of the two arts.
Good luck and just work hard at it, your onto something good there. It’s not impossible its just hard work which you can over come if your willing enough to put the effort in.


Set up shop in Little India.












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