i am a ritual magic user and i beleave that god is all mighty and that jesus is the saviour?

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why dp epopel say i cant beleave this? i have talked to people and they think the same way, so why are we wrong? if we use magic for good (well i dont, i just started so i dont use it for any thing) then why do you say we are going to hell, even when we accept jesus as the saviour and we beleve in god.
god dislikes magic for the same reasiob people dislike guns, he does not want the wrong people to get ahold of it
i dont use magic for any thing, i just started, but i am hopring it will make me more dicaplined and smarter

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If you accepted Jesus, then you won’t do magic. Your idea is conflicting..How can you please your father if you’re doing what he doesn’t want you to do?


If you believe in the Judeo-Christian God, with Jesus as savior and the Bible as the revealed word of God, there are passages in your holy book that specifically denounce magic and forbid its use. I think Revelations has references to the occult, as does Deuterotomy 18:9-12, and Galatians 20, and there is also the oft-quoted (but also possibly mistranslated) “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” one.


if you accepted him as your savior then you are cmmitting your life to following him. read the bible coz there you could find his words for you.just keep the faith in him.in time he’ll show you his ways


If your magic is just for entertainment then it has nothing to do with your relationship with God, but, if your using it to supplement a valid realationship with Him or to trick others into thinking your magic is the hand of god then your faith in Christ is without merit.


The Word of God clearly give us guidelines to follow regarding our Christian walk. He has laid down grounds and boundaries that should be followed. He listed a lot of things which are to Him an abomination such as; murder, adultery, lying, theft, homosexuality, sorcery (magic), hypocrisy. These are all things that are not of Him. Unfortunately, as much as we would like there to be, there is no gray matter. You are either for or against.


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