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i am a psychic and i can read tarot how do i start a business in reading?

I have enhanced special abilities and i would like to share and profit from my talents?


  1. You could put an ad on websites like Keen, Advisor Universe, make your own web page, put an ad in the yellow pages, start reading at carnivals and fairs. Once you develop a clientele you can open your own store. Best of Luck

  2. The easiest way to profit is to simply do what you claim. No one in the history of the world has ever proved any type of psychic ability. So how about a million bucks to start?
    The James Randi Educational Foundation offers a one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event. The JREF does not involve itself in the testing procedure, other than helping to design the protocol and approving the conditions under which a test will take place. All tests are designed with the participation and approval of the applicant. In most cases, the applicant will be asked to perform a relatively simple preliminary test of the claim, which if successful, will be followed by the formal test. Preliminary tests are usually conducted by associates of the JREF at the site where the applicant lives. Upon success in the preliminary testing process, the “applicant” becomes a “claimant.”
    The Challenge has been offered for over ten years. To date, no one has passed the preliminary tests.
    Until this is won, there is no such thing as psychic ability. Why don’t you make history? Then you can name your price.

  3. Have cards made up and start passing them out to everyone. Give them to servers at restaurants, clerks in stores, just about anyone.
    Build a website. You can do one free at http://www.webs.com. Spend a little money to promote your website. Webs.com will help with that and companies that do search engine marketing advertise on their website. I have found some very inexpensive ways to do promotion.
    Start visualizing and using the Law of Attraction for your new business.


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