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I am a negative person, and wise quotes say we should always avoid negative people n energy.?

Hi, we always hear this wise statement that we should try to avoid negative people and negative energy, in our pursue for happiness, optimism and to preserve our sanity. For, an instance, I for one somehow am having some sort of personality disorder for this past 2 yrs. I can’t really have proper eye contact with people, have terrible social anxiety, sometimes I laugh or smile when I should not be, sometimes i just cant stop frowning, and my face is ever so gloomy, miserable, negative(most of the times actually), my speech is not clear and my pronunciation is not good also and this makes me self-conscious. Sometimes, my mind is just so tight and most of the times I occupy my mind thinking and thinking, eg about guys i get attracted to and imagining myself in a way I like although I do know very well this is all not going to get me anywhere. I really do not know who is the real me and I am not able to really identify myself. Sometimes, I actually love attention too from the opposite sex. I like to act stupid(actually i really do feel stupid, so i also act stupid maybe, as to avoid being looked down!!? hehe im not sure). I just cant get guys out of my mind, I just think of guys, guys n guys, n also imagine myself looking attractive, sweet n beautiful n im someone with brains too and that guys get attracted to me. All this are always in my mind like 24/7 sometimes. However, i am actually a quiet person by nature from young(also due to my insecurities). I can feel that i can really drain people’s energy out sometimes for eg in a lecture theatre or in crowds, my eye contact is weird and my facial expressions is funny, i look pathetic, gloomy etc. So, I usually just prefer to stay at home too as i am afraid i am going to seem perverted and expose more of myself. I really do not know what disorder i am having? do you have an idea what personality disorder i am having? Also, what I am doing is correct right…i mean i ought to just stay at home n study and dont attend most of the fuctions/parties here in university as i am a negative person with a negative face and a perverted eye contact and with an attention-seeking behaviour. So, i ought to avoid people and improve myself before i come out in public again as i would only make them to think i suck, im disgusting (i always like n want to be liked by all), and that i am a waste of space with negative energy travelling around? Is that so? Thank u vary much
Ps: pls help me, i really need your help and answers……


  1. Change your perception of negative thinking to that of critical thinking, thinking about the things that can go wrong is a good think but only if done in tandem with other styles of thinking such as positive and creative thinking styles. Try to cultivate these also.

  2. I don’t think you have a phobia or any disorder. Just a case of anxiety and insecurity. The best way to deal with this is to change your way of thinking. Remember that the negative thoughts you have aren’t always true. Challenge every negative thought you have and eventually it will make way for a more positive way of thinking. Hope this helps!

  3. You do not have a disorder. try to smile more and if you are thinking about negative things it could be your life style. If you want people to like you than you should not stay at home. You need to get out there and show off yourself. If you find your self thinking of guys to mush than stay away from them for a while. it might be hard but it works. Also if you think someone is good looking, try to figure out reasons not to like them.
    You are not a waste of space all you need to do is have some self confidence. tell your self if someone does not like you it is their loss. just do not get down on yourself. You might want to try getting a new hobby or activity go and make some new friends.

  4. You need a friend. I can tell you that you are fine and that you are not a negative person. But you wont be able to believe me. You wont be able to convince yourself.
    So you need a friend who can tell you that you are all right. A friend who you can trust because I know you can’t trust anyone easily and may be you don’t trust anyone at all at this time but I can say you need to.
    I wish I could help more but I am not sure if that’s possible. I don’t know where are you? But if you so want, talk to me more. My mail address is vinky.smile@gmail.com


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