I am a level 9 orc shaman, where is the best place to level and get money?

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I am a level 9 orc shaman, where is the best place to level and get money? What is a good instance or what ever to do at my level?

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shane t

the best place to get money is by finding a job and not sitting around and playin wow all day man

David C

Durotar has two towns that are good for leveling. If those are two easy, you can go to the Barrens, west of Durotar and Orgrimmar.

Whack whack whack

Don’t waste your time w/ instance unless you want to twink. Stay where you leveled until you reach level 12. When you are 12 go to barrens.


stay in your starting zone, try to get to level 11/12 before exiting into..mulgore i think it is?
man, i was addicted to WoW for years. the best advice i can give you is just quit right now before it sucks ur life away because it does. if not, and you’re happy to do so. Check out wow-pro.com or wow-pro.org, i forgot which ones, follow a leveling guide, the best free leveling guide you can get is “Jame’s levelling guide” you will find it on wow-pro. it works wonders. amazing guide. good luck mate
but seriously, wow is not even worth starting, it consumes you no joke, like online heroine.




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