• stay in your starting zone, try to get to level 11/12 before exiting into..mulgore i think it is?

    man, i was addicted to WoW for years. the best advice i can give you is just quit right now before it sucks ur life away because it does. if not, and you’re happy to do so. Check out wow-pro.com or wow-pro.org, i forgot which ones, follow a leveling guide, the best free leveling guide you can get is “Jame’s levelling guide” you will find it on wow-pro. it works wonders. amazing guide. good luck mate

    but seriously, wow is not even worth starting, it consumes you no joke, like online heroine.

  • Don’t waste your time w/ instance unless you want to twink. Stay where you leveled until you reach level 12. When you are 12 go to barrens.

  • Durotar has two towns that are good for leveling. If those are two easy, you can go to the Barrens, west of Durotar and Orgrimmar.

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