• I would do both(if you have time). Because pilates work your muscles alot which helps in dance. Yoga focuses on gentle movements and relaxing. Again, if you have time, do both.

  • Pilates would be definitely be better for you…It will strengthen and power you limbs and body’s energy.

  • Yoga, it has a lot in common with dance, it combines your focus on the breath, with movement, and the movements are poised and graceful, like those which make up dance.

  • Most belly dancers that I know do a bit of both. I’d probably do more pilates than yoga. I’d also add some cardio to keep up my stamina. Both yoga and pilates have benefits. It depends on what you are most looking for.

  • Probably pilates, it works you harder but yoga will keep your flexibility better… maybe you should do both! But if you only want to do one, I would do pilates and then if you don’t want to loose some flexibilty, stretch at home a little bit.

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