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i always get weird things happening when i sleep on my back…..see ghosts?

i cannot sleep in my back or on my side at night…..i get a lot of sleep paralysis…many, if not all of you will think i’m nuts! lol but what i am awy to explain is real, i do not drink, do drugs etc and i am level headed haha

i have alot of very weird, quite real, scary dreams, of murder, death, suffering….i have awoken to see a mans large hand over my face and could not wake up, i think this is sleep paralysis

next time i woke u and saw a weird human, on all fours ponting at me, it had sallow skin, large eyes, pointy fingers, i was wide awake and naturally bolted for my bedroom door, it was quite scary!

last night i was half awake, half asleep and standing next to my bed was a man, old, he had hair on one side of his head and looked like he was shaved on the other, the hair twisted into a horn shape….and fell by his face but weird music was playimg, like deep humming…..

i get this EVERYTIME i sleep on my side or back but would personally like to not have to sleep on my face every night…..i also get shivering when i wake up from this and have had someone punch me in that halfy halfy stage of sleep/being awake

i have been suffering this for 3 years but have experienced spiritual activity since i was a baby

is there ANY way to stop these beings from coming around me when i sleep on my side/back? i love seeing them but i don’t want bad beings around me


ps. i do know this sounds crazy but this is all true!
so i was fully awake and saw a hallucination?….ok


  • This happens to me all the time since i was 7, 8…i see& hear, feel things even with my eyes open tho i can’t move…it only happens when im inbetween awake& falling asleep anybody help!??

  • The same thing happen to me It’s like a dark shadow standing over me I can’t move or scream at all and it feel so real just say the lord prayer and u will wake up right out of it. It scared the Hell out of me and pray over ur home god bless

  • you’re not crazy. I experience sleep paralysis and other creepy things EVERY time I try to sleep on my back. I don’t have an explanation for this though, sorry.

  • Relax, this isn’t as paranormal as you think.

    Some people naturally tend to have very vivid dreams when sleeping on their backs; it has to do with reduced oxygen flow to the brain from apnea, believe it or not. Depending on how severe your apnea is, you can even have waking dreams or hallucinations until your oxygen levels stabilize.

    If you have doubts about whether or not apnea is the cause, get an old fashioned tape recorder, and tape yourself while you’re sleeping. Snoring, gasping for breath, and stopped breathing are all signs of apnea. It’s easy enough to take care of, though. You can get a CPAP machine to deliver extra oxygen while you’re asleep until you can have surgery or lose weight or whatever it is you need to do to resolve your sleep apnea.

    Good luck!

  • What you are seeing is not really there it is an hallucination. I can only remember suffering sleep paralysis once and it scared the wits out of me because I was convinced that something large,black and shapeless was trying to smother me. I could have sworn that I was awake but I wasn’t and it worried me that I had been attacked in my own home because I live alone and nobody would be there to help me if it came back. Now that I know better I’m no longer frightened by it.

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