Home Discussion Forum Hypothetical question on christianity and Magick?

Hypothetical question on christianity and Magick?

Hypothetical question.
Christians, please answer from your bible, and please READ the question.
Can someone who leaves Christianity cast spells / be under the influence of spells?
Specifically, will demons honor a pact of magic made by someone like that?
Would they be able to in the first place?


  1. There is 2 types of Majic according to the Islamic view
    1) Those will do simple tricks
    2) Those which have made a contract with the Jinn – This is real and this is dangerous.
    In Islam, we are not allowed to participate in any way in majic.

  2. Hypothetical question on christianity and Magick, no such thing. No two Christians can agree on everything in the bible. So good luck getting a straight answer.

  3. Yes. Read some Franz Bardon hermetics info if you are going to get into magick. Best to be well informed on the subject first. But just remember men greater than you have been destroyed mentally or physically by the forces you are curious about. Magick is simply forcing demons to do your will.


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