I have a strong adversion to animals and im thinking about being hypnotized. Is there a type for this type of fear? Are there any people who have had this or another kind of hypnotism that worked?


  1. friend of mine had hypnotism to “cure” her from alcoholism, smoking, and swearing…. spent tens of thousands of dollars…
    still drinks, smokes and swears…

  2. There’s no phobia yet. The aversion toward animals I don’t see where this has any bearing to hypnotism. Unless you are asking for a type of therapy to control an aggressive attitude which I detect as the real problem. Hypnotism is only a suggestive method for you to remove your conscious mind from the present reality. No, it is not a dream state of mind! You are wide awake and you hear everything coming to your thoughts! All you have to do is to be “open-minded!

  3. no but some people claimed that other people have hypnotizing skills but i dunno if its real because i havent experienced one yet and i think there’s no phobia for that yet

  4. Yes, there are types of hypnosis that can help with this. Rather than simple suggestion work, I suggest you find a therapist that does more in depth work. Regression to cause / hypnoanalysis / PARTS therapy are techniques that could be used. These techniques help you find the cause(s) of the problem and release the unwanted emotions.


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