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Hypnosis/Astral Projection/Meditation/Telepathy/Telekinesis?

I’ve had heard ways of hypnosis.
Out of curiousity I want to know how you do Hypnosis/Astral Projection/Meditation/Telepathy/Telekinesis? I suggest people not post in this thread of Q and A who do not have interest in the supernatural.
I just wanna know thats all.
I don’t have a problem doing it all and no I’m not impatient.
Theres just so many different ways of doing each one.


  • You probably not going to like this.
    Each one of the fields you have touched on, you know, asking them all in one sentence, is giving me the vibes that you have a very keen curiosity towards anything which would give you an ~experience~. There are libraries written on all 4 subject matter. You have to give them the respect they deserve, one by one, and dont expect, that anybody will be able to explain any of this to you through this limited way of communication.
    The best they, or I can do is point you towards a book or two, tell you where you can get qualifications in the field.
    But reading your q promted me to put in a little friendly advice of security. You must have a guard, who protects, and guides you.
    I hope you already have one.
    I have seen psychiatric wards full of d-i-y astral wanderers.
    While you are out there wandering about, your main priority should be protection first. And I am not talking about imagining a white sphere around you. I am talking about another living person, who has the god given right to protect.
    one by one:
    hypnosis: this is a medical science you will have to study 7 years for it.
    Astral Projection should come at expert levels of meditation, after solid grounding. You must master your own mind first in this realm to confidently walk the beyond. And it should not be done for fun. you should have a goal, or a reason to help someone else before you cross.
    Telepathy: you are either receptive, or not. Other people you are trying to connect to are the same. This is normal and everyone has a level of receptivity. You can increase yours by strenghtening your meditation practice, hence clearing your mind from clutter.

    Meditation: You have to find a guide. Full stop

    I am sorry if I shot below your bar, but this had to come out.

    Most of the subjects have their own Institutions, you can check for each on the web, and never stop until you find the ultimate authority on the matter.

  • I’m trained in hypnotherapy, yet I’m an atheist. The mind can do many fascinating things, but astral projection and telepathy are not among them. James Randi’s institute has offered a $1 million prize for anyone who can demonstrate such events for about 15 years, and no one has ever claimed the money.

    Rather, hypnosis is a state of extreme concentration. People who engage in meditation can also achieve a hypnotic state. By undergoing such efforts in mind control, persons can engage more fully their imaginations, their problem solving skills, and their internal pain control mechanisms. And there is nothing supernatural about any of these outcomes.

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