human consciousness?

isn’t the human consciousness proof enough of a Higher Power, since it isn’t necessary for the survival of the species?

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~Smirk~ Resurrected

How so?

Phoenix - Vixen

All animals are conscious. That just a part of life. I’m not sure how you get from normal nature to supernatural creator.
Without consciousness, how would we function? It’s pretty essential to the survival of species.


here’s my thoughts on that, excerpt from my personal site…
Nothing has prompted more speculation among scientists and philosophers throughout history than the purpose and measurable properties of consciousness. Perhaps consciousness could be defined as an organism’s ability to select and impose beneficial properties to their surrounding environment. By this line of thought, intelligence would be closely tied to the level of consciousness of a particular organism. This is particularly noticeable among higher order complex organisms, particularly mammals. As you go up the scale of intelligence from cats, dogs, dolphins, whales, to primates, the level of ability to manipulate the environment increases to reflect intelligence level. From the standpoint of evolution this could make sense as perhaps the most complex example of a survival mechanism. This particular speculation makes sense from a ‘human’ standpoint as well, after all, humans are essentially the most advanced and intelligent organisms on the planet, and we’ve survived quite well as a race. However, this is also dampened by humans’ distressing lack of regard for long term consequences to the manipulation of the environment. While humans are quite adaptable to changing environments, much of the adaptability is the direct result of technological advances. Whether the technology destroys the human race remains to be seen, if so, eventually human-level intelligence would evolve among some other line of organism as the intelligence and consciousness is indeed a valuable survival trait. The ability to select the methods of environment manipulation that offers the biggest ‘rewards’ versus the initial investment may very well be nature’s most complex survival trait.


Well, it is an attribute for the survival of the species. Consciousness comes with intelligence, which allows our species to survive better.

Lucky Fokker



yea ….i seen the movie…”lost in space”


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