Human and other auras?

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Any one have any tips for me to strengthen this? Some times i can see them and other times when i do wanan c them i concertrate and i cant see them lol.
Any one wanna explain how i can and how to strengthen the glow?

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The more you ‘try’ to see the an aura, the less you will. It is best the subject is in full sunlight in front of a light colored or white background. Look over the person’s shoulder and ‘unfocus’ your eyes. You can only become better through practice.

LifeCoach Nickoli

The trick, as many will testify, is oneness.
To be in a position not of anticipation, desire, intense concentration, or expectation. Be more in simple observation, in gratitude and calm.
Look through the person whose field you wish to observe, as if your going cross eyed and out of focus.
I think its useful to create a mantra to help you arrive at this state, something simple- like “Im calm and at one”
You can best practice this whilst viewing your own field. Try your hand on a light coloured background.
happy viewing.


Just relax. Concentrating, being frustrated with it, will block your vision. Next time you see one, check yourself. What are you doing different or feeling at the time of witnessing it? Is it your emotional state, your location, level of happiness or activity, etc?
Best of luck to you! Im or email me any time


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