Howard Storm-How many of you believe Howard Storms story of going to hell & dying and leaving his body?






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In June 1985, Storm took a group of his students on a field trip of Europe. One morning at the end of the trip, while still in his hotel with his wife, he experienced sudden severe abdominal pain that incapacitated him. He was taken to a Paris hospital, and he suffered for hours. He ultimately would be diagnosed with peritonitis.[1]
Storm describes in his book that he felt he was dying, and after saying goodbye to his wife, eventually passed out. He writes in his book that he did not understand what was happening when he soon opened his eyes again and found himself standing outside of his body. He was allegedly drawn by seemingly-friendly voices calling his name and he followed them, but eventually realized that they were malevolent. They turned on him and attacked him savagely in the darkness. His book chronicles an experience that involved him being severely beaten, bitten and torn to pieces by many of these shadowy creatures, and though he managed to survive he experienced severe pain. His overall impression was of a process of “initiation”.
He later felt a voice within him telling him to “Pray to God” and half-heartedly recited fragments of religious material. They were gradually driven away. After a time of deep despair, he resorted to calling out “Jesus, please save me!”. He was rescued from that dark place by a being of light that he believes was Jesus, and he was also visited by other “spiritual beings of light” as well. He soon experienced a life review, which he found to be intensely discomforting because it highlighted the selfishness of his life. To his surprise they were more interested in his relationships than his personal achievements. he was then asked by the beings if he had any questions, and he says that he proceeded to ask them every question that he could think of.
He states that at one point he asked about the near-future of his country (the United States) and says that he was told that the US was a “blessed nation”, but if it did not change its ways it would lose its prosperity. This was in no way portrayed as a punishment of God but rather as a natural consequence. He saw visions of a future plagued by war, natural disasters and despair. It is important to note that he was told that this scenario was avoidable if there was a major spiritual “shift” in the consciousness of the world.
The core of his message was primarily about the importance of love and peaceful unity among people, who he says are “all loved by God”. He constantly reiterates the importance of caring for others and seeking spiritual truth. In his book he states that he was informed by these beings of light that the “correct religion” is that religion that “brings you closest to God”, negating his attempt to force them to say that one specific religion or denomination was “the only correct one”. . He states that the deepest desire of these beings is only to serve “the One” (which humans refer to as “God”), and part of their acts of service include assisting humanity to “return to the One”.
He eventually was admitted into surgery at that French hospital, and several days later he was flown to the U.S., where he eventually made a complete recovery. According to Storm’s statements, most of the doctors stated that there was no way that he should have been able to live through the amount of damage his body sustained.
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  1. Just My Opinion: When I first heard his story (watched him on videos) I believed him. He seems contrite and changed. However, as a Christian believer I have serious doubts as to weather his experience with Jesus was truly Jesus. There are many red flags, not the least of which being his encounter with seeing other beings from other planets. Anything concerning aliens tends to have a demonic flair, I’ve discovered. Also, the goal in life to be “better” and more spiritual, to “return to the One” is a huge red flag. I haven’t read his book so I’m curious to see if he’s stating that none of the Christian denominations must be the perfect one or none of the world religions are necessarily the right one. If it’s the latter then that’s another red flag to me.

  2. I believe he really encountered who the real God is. It says in the christian bible that God is spirit. Yea, its a spiritual experience. The only thing Christianity ever got right was to point people toward Jesus. Outside of that its just another man made religion for people to create how they want God to be. Heaven and Jesus is a spiritual experience. You cant have “red flags” to an incomprehensible truth. The bible says test the spirits to see if they are of Jesus. So test them. There are demonic influences in new age. This is not new age, its a spiritual revelation. Jesus said in the binle to The Nicodemis (John 3 NIV) “i’ve told you about things of the world and you did not believe; how will uou ever believe then when I tell you about the things of heaven…” this indicates a mich different reality than the 3rd dimension on earth….

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