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~*~How You Got Into Crystal Healing~*~?

Hello All,

I was rele wondering how people into crystal healing got into it.other ppls stories of how they get into sumthing is rele interesting 🙂
if your just going to be a smart a$$ with your comments,i rele dont want you answering.
im not talking to people that arent into collecting crystals,so DONT answer!


  • I cannot imagine how being near a rock of any sort can heal you in any way. If you can, you can have a million dollars. James Randi will pay one million dollars to anyone who can show any healing benefit from crystals. Go to http://www.randi.org for more information.

  • First, toss your brain in the garbage can …
    No, really, I’ve never had a sick crystal, so I wouldn’t know.

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