Home Discussion Forum How would you unlock your telepathy skills?

How would you unlock your telepathy skills?


  1. You have to be bitten by a radioactive ant or hit by an asteroid or something… or you could just mutate normally as the next stage in human evolution.

  2. You might try giving up your internet and living like a hermit. OR better yet, ask questions, but before you post them, try to write down what all the answers will be and in what order. I figure, 10 years on yaR/S and you’ll be a master. Or maybe you’ll just show that we’re a predictable lot. Actually, I have heard that psychic skills are a matter of relaxation and concentration. So … I guess try getting a really good massage while doing crossword puzzles in your mind ?

  3. Depends. What game are you playing? That may also depend on your class and racial bonuses; for instances, Elven mages are more like to have it, especially if specializing in the Magic School of Illusion. In some games you start with them.

  4. Get a key to the city. You know, the ones the mayor gives out? Got one? Ok. Now shove it into your anus and keep turning it around until you can talk to people with only your mind.

  5. There are very few who have reached levels of meditation and concentration that delve into our, what we would call, super powers but in my opinion you are capable of what you are capable of because you are chosen to be capable of it and it is your position in life and the course you have chosen. Not easy to explain but if it is meant to be you will set a course to find out how yourself. I doubt any human here can give you a step by step manual.

  6. Purchase the red vial from the shaman down by the river. He only appears one night a month, on the full moon, and you can only see him if you carry the Crystal Sword.

  7. There are none. What you have access to is Satanic forces Whispering into your ear! You only get partial truth or out and out lies!
    Let me ask ,Do you truly want to tap into the Source of all Power then Submit your sins to Christ Jesus He is all Power ! He is soon to come in judgment and you will be lost forever if you reject Him not! Why play around with a lie . Your Bible is Much more Powerful than these Satanic whisperings!

  8. You first have to be aware of this native-ability and realize you have this ability. We each commonly use this ability, but it’s so natural to us we don’t necessarily connect the dots, so to speak. You have never picked up on the thoughts of someone close to you and knew what they were thinking or were going to say or do before they said or did it? If you say no, you either have a poor memory or are lying to yourself…

  9. Questions like this are great to attract useless posters and report them.
    As for the asker, just meditate, and don’t expect to do it in a week.

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