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How would you repair a crystal?

Hello, I have a Fluorite crystal wand that has the end broken off from when I dropped it on tile, the break is on one of the natural seams and it fits back together well, I was thinking about trying superglue but thought I’d ask first, any ideas from people that deal with crystals?
I’ve put question in the Spirituality section because I’m thinking of selling it on and want to be responsible about the way it’s repaired in case it goes to someone that might use it in crystal therapy. Wolfblayde that’s very helpful, I might just glue it and keep it now!


  1. A broken crystal is no good for healing or any other kind of energy work. Glue it back together, set it on your shelf to look pretty, and go buy yourself a new crystal.

  2. Are you using it for metaphysical purposes, or spiritual pursuits? Superglue should work if not. Otherwise yes, take it to a jeweler, they might be able to facet the crystal again (it would be smaller), or have it placed in a setting that holds it together.


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