How would you really initiate yourself in the wiccan religion?

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Again i was just bored and decided to go on google. I herd that with the wiccan religion, you needed to be initiated into it by a coven or by yourself. I was wondering if there was anything specific you had to do.

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You don’t initiate yourself into Wicca. You can self-dedicate yourself to the gods, however. Initiation is by definition something bestowed upon you by others.
You can find self-dedication rituals online, but I suggest you study your new religion—and especially your chosen pantheon— very thoroughly. Wicca is a religion that involves life-long learning (somewhat mimicking evolution, one of the driving forces of biological progress). You can still pray, perform rituals, etc. without self-dedicating. Wait a year and a day at least, though more time couldn’t hurt. Then see if you still want to re-dedicate yourself.

Wiccan Heatâ„¢

I’m relatively new myself and have read in a few books that a self dedication is just as good as an initiation although some Wiccans depending on what tradition they follow if any at all as I’m a solitary Wiccan would disagree with that.

you don’t need to be initiated to practice Wicca (I personally think that organised religion is a nonsense anyway, just take bits from each religion and only follow what YOU believe.) You can dedicate yourself to the deity but that is a lifelong thing so think about it first.
Some covens have specific rituals or ask the initiate to perform their dedication with the group.
Initiation is treated like a spiritual rebirth, the first stage of personal development and learning that is the Wiccan way.
Some covens ask to see evidence of a Book of Shadows before a person joins, some even require examinations. The members usually decide together using a ‘majority rules’ attitude.
During initiation, the circle is cast and the deities summoned and then usually some power is passed from the deity to the , often channelled by the high priestess.
Most Wiccan traditions have 3 stages of initiation.
Stage 1= must study for a year and a day and understand the fundamental principles of Wicca.
Stage 2 = another year and day.
Stage 3 = Great devotion to study and practice of witchcraft and/or ritual.
Many covens require that the initiate experiences:
a challenge that must be overcome
an oath of loyalty and secrecy
a conveying of knowledge
a symbolic death and rebirth.
Hope this helped!

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

Initiation, by definition, is something that is done to you by others. Initiating yourself makes no sense.
Solitary eclectic Wiccans commonly do a dedication ritual. It is your formal dedication of yourself to your gods. Whatever you do should be meaningful. Following someone else’s words just to do a ritual doesn’t mean anything.
Don’t expect a dedication ritual to matter to the Wiccan world at large. No one is going to ask you if you’ve dedicated yourself, and no one is going to be particularly impressed if you have. People are impressed if you show you have sound knowledge, which doesn’t come from a ritual.
More info:


Initiation is largely misunderstood, and there is also a debate on what makes one a Wiccan.
The purists will tell you that you must be initiated into a lineaged coven to be of the Wicca, case closed. Everyone else is just playing.
Some people believe Wicca is anything you want it to be, and they twist it sometimes to where it is unrecognizable and has no cohesive core whatsoever.
Myself, and people like me, fall somewhere in the middle– no, you don’t have to be initiated into a British Traditional Witchcraft (BTW) coven to be Wiccan… BTW doesn’t hold the monopoly on Wicca any more than the Roman Catholic Church holds the monopoly on Christianity. You can be eclectic or neo-Wiccan, either as a solitary or in a non-lineaged coven, and be very devoted to the religion.
That won’t make you lineaged, and you won’t learn some inner-court materials, but that’s fine as long as you don’t try to pose as a Gardnarian because you read a book by Gerald Gardner.
As far as initiation goes, by definition, initiation is a formal rite of passage being accepted into a group… you can be initiated into BTW, or into an eclectic coven, if you find one to join and meet their requirements and they accept you.
Of course, you can’t self-initiate, as there is no group accepting you.
You don’t need to be initiated to be Wiccan (solitary) though… you do need to be initiated into formal covens, but not to follow the beliefs and honor the Gods.
A lot of solitary eclectics want to have some sort of formal rite to mark their embrace of Wicca so they might hold a self-dedication. Some people call it self-initiation, but of course without the group there granting their acceptance, it’s not an actual initiation.
The formal initiation and dedication ceremonies are just ritual– which is wonderful, but it doesn’t make it happen. It doesn’t make you a Wiccan, just like the graduation ceremony does not make you a real graduate, you can do the work, earn the diploma and then skip the ceremony.


If you are joining an coven, especially an oathbound one, you will be initiated by members of the group according to their own traditions. You might be required to study for a specific period, memorise certain information or any number of things and will then be initiated by means of a ritual specific to that group.
If you are self-dedicating (not initiating, that word only applies to groups), you will create your own ritual. It can be elaborate and full of theatrics or as simple as stating the reason you want to establish a relationship with your gods and declaring your commitment. You may dedicate before you begin your study (although it makes no sense to dedicate yourself to gods you know nothing of) or after a certain period of study. Most recommend a year and a day but some (if not most) find that more time is needed to feel certain about such a commitment.


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