How would you go about raising children in the Wiccan faith?

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My cousin Trina is having twins and really does need help. Her and her husband are both wiccan but both sets of parents are Christian. How should she raise her kids aware of both religions? And how should she explain that magick and the alike aren’t exactly normal things that everyone does?
Oh my goodness. Saying these things about how they would go to hell and whatnot aren’t answering my question, nor is it going to change Trina’s mind. Its a waste of time typing it. And JUST SO YOU KNOW: Wicca isn’t evil.

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Jesus is ur only door nto heaven

I wouldn’t, I would never teach any child or adult wiccan, I would lead them to Jesus Christ and His salvation by accepting His sacrifice of dying on the cross for all humanity.


Get yourself a time machine and go back to when the metaphors were culturally and spiritually relevant. Of course that’s good advice for Wicca and Christianity.

Red Head Angel

I wouldn’t either

Heaven bound.

I wouldn’t. I would want my kids to go to heaven and not hell, that is why they are raised Christians who serve the Almighty God and no one else. And if your cousin really cared about thier kids, they would do the same.

Dreams of Water

how about raising them as responsible kids that can think for themselves
adding extra letters to majgick does not make it more special..

Leigh O

There is ABSOLUTELY NO COMMON GROUND between the two religions. It is a lost cause to try. My recommendation….go back to Christianity (its right).


I wouldn’t.
I’d leave little defenseless children alone to decide what they want to do when they grow up. That is why they were given minds to think with and draw their own conclusions, and find their own Truth and their own Path, not someone else’s.


Home school them. If it ever got out that there were kids in my son’s classroom that were wiccan, the uproar would be tremendous by parent’s. Plus, imagine what the kids would have to go thru on a daily basis from other kids teasing them. And don’t think for a minute that “spells” would work on the mean kids.

blue chaos soɐɥɔ ǝnlq jpa
Uncle Tim

By being open and honest with them. Don’t present either as bad or wrong. Just say mommy and daddy practice this way and it makes them happy. Grandma and Grandpa practice this way and that makes them happy. Let them grow up to make their own choices about what they choose to believe immerse them in both so they can make an informed decision – s’what I would do.


Well, first, if Trina and her husband are both Wiccans, you can’t expect them to teach their chldren about Christianity. They certainly could, but that is *their* choice and no one else’s. As Wiccans, they will probably raise their children to be tolerant of other religions, so don’t worry about the children thinking the Christian grandparents are weird or anything.
Why should we explain *anything* we do as not exacly “normal”? Is praying in the direction of Mecca 5 times a day “normal”? Is believing in transubstination “normal”? Is speaking in tongues “normal”? Is accepting that humans are born worthless and are only at all redeemable through the grace of another being “normal”? Is avoiding pork because God supposedly said so “normal”? All of these are basic beliefs of different religions and denominations. Each should be dealt with on their own merits, not compared and measured up against what the neighbors are doing.
By setting standards of normalcy you merely slap a big “other” label on everyone that behaves differently than you, and that’s not helpful for anyone, especially those children.
You should find out what their intentions are and act accordingly. If they are going to raise their children as Wiccans, it would be extraordinarily rude for you or anyone else to try teaching them otherwise. If you yourself are not Wiccan, certainly no one should expect you to teach the children about Wicca either. Just butt out.

Toxic rose is a basket case
I wish I could give a better answer, sorry.

*~Withered Rose~*

Well, they should teach their children to be accepting of the faiths of others, and let them have a certain amount of religious freedom. And when they are old enough to understand, the parents should tell them the basics of both religions and tell them that Wicca is a diverse and sometimes feared religion (though most Wiccans I know are friendly people and have nothing wrong with them).
They should show them the rituals of Wiccans, as well as explaining the other religions to them. And when the time is right, they should let the children choose their faith – not pressure them, of course, but let them decide.

Tracey C

you wouldn’t unless you want them to go to hell
Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


Myself and the women in my life are all Wiccan in one form or another, and our children have all been raised in a Wiccan household. However, we always tried to teach them to think for themselves and to decide what their path would be. They were allowed to participate in rituals at home and to attend Pagan Alliance get togethers with us, of course, but they were also encouraged to accept invitations from friends to attned church. We did have to answer a fair number of questions from our kids about the way that Christianity views our faith and the differences and similarities there, but that’s all part of the learning process. Our two eldest children committed to our faith and were initiated into our coven, while our third child has chosen to be an atheist (or agnostic, perhaps). Our two youngest kids enjoy ritual, and I suspect they’ll decide to join our faith, as well, when they come of age, but whether they do or not is up to them.
My sister and her husband are very, very Christian, and our winter get togethers used to get a little exciting, but my daughter finally had enough of the sort of subtle disapproval from her aunt and finally came right out and said she (and we) were witches, proud of it, and that my sister could either deal with it or consider herself uninvited to our home. LOL
I think the important lesson I would impart is to show the kids that there are lots of different beliefs out there, and to show them that being a critical thinker and deciding things for themselves is important. I see it as a free marketplace of ideas, and the best, most creative, most fulfilling ideas will win out in the end. I’m certainly gratified that our eldest son and daughter are part of our coven, but I would be happy for them whatever their choice of faith, so long as they were happy with it.
For all those condemning Christians that answered you, I have this to say:
Unless you would want me coming in and telling your child that your religion is hogwash and your beliefs hjave caused genocide and have been used to torture innocent women to death for centuiries, I suggest that you just keep your hateful, ignorant and intollerant ideas to yourself. Do unto others, right? Hypocrits!

Rapunzel XVIII

Children can be taught anything, including awareness of world religions. If your cousin teaches the children about Christianity, Wicca, or even Pastafarianism, they’ll learn what she’s teaching to them.
And please don’t teach the kids to spell ‘magic’ wrong. If spellcasting is all about the caster’s intent, then the powers that be know what you’re thinking of when you use the term ‘magic.’ They know you’re not thinking of stage illusions.


I always thought Wiccans didn’t want to impose their beliefs on others (i explored it in high school) I mean, you can raise your kids with fundimental wiccan values, but not force them to think like you.

Warumono 悪者

I am a Wiccan and a parent. I am going to let my child find his own way, be it to Christianity ( i hope not) or to any other religion. I have a bible in my house as well as the Satanic Bible and many of my own books. If he has a question, we will study it together, so he has a good meaning of all the religions and what they have to offer. and for all of those who are saying they would lead the children to jesus, I hope that one day, you will understand how hurtful and hateful you people can be.

Labgrrl: make your time.

Wow, the faith-vultures came out in force to attack Wicca here. I wonder what about our faith threatens them so much?
Trina and her husband should be open and honest, period.

dana w

I think this depends on the parents and there personal beleifs but…..
I teach my kids to respect plants and animals, they have been taught about the Lord and the Lady and that the Divine is known by many names and that the importent thing is to use the name that feels right. Even thougth family prayer is direct to Pan and Danu. They have been taught about the astral plane and about spirits. they have been taught about energy. They have also been taught to respect other beleifs. Heck i even sent them to a christian church a few times so they would know what it was. Ah yes the Magik part is some what tricky. I have expained it to the kids as …. Magik is a gift from the Gods, a Divine right….. but many dont understand, so it is something that is to only be discussed in the home, We do not tell others outside of our circle about these things because many fear things they dont understand. We should not feel as thought we need to explain or proove anything to others, to attempt to do so is an abuse of our gifts.
Anyways 🙂

Wicked Warrior

Though I don’t have kids of my own, I have helped raise a few for my pagan friends. Never forget, it takes a village to raise a child.
It’s hard not to be aware of other religions in the world today. I would suggest she raises her children to be respectful and polite to those they encounter. I would suggest she teaches her children right from wrong, good from bad. Instill a moral center in them. Magic takes years of work and practice, I doubt that her children will be casting spells in kindergarten.
Many Wiccans will acknowledge Jesus of Nazarene as a good man and a great healer of his people. He should not be shamed by many of the people who use his name.
Dance to the rhythm of Fire
Pagan Auntie


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