How would you go about obtaining trance states of consciousness?

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Beta, Alpha, Delta, Theta Brainwaves. How do we get to those states of consciousness while awake? Meditation? Prayer? Visualization? What techniques do you use and what kind of results do you get? Talked with God lately?

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try a book on astral projection..


Try holding your breath for a really long time. Let me know how it works out for you.


I use Qi Gong. I can achieve them all relatively easily these days.


check out this site


I discovered this way myself, I watch the clouds especially when they are moving fast don’t think of anything or try to find shapes, just watch them, clear your mind and relax


Not a hobby for beginners! But you’ll find it in detail in the following book. Good luck!
Blessed Be…


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Does anybody actullaly have esp or telepathy or telekinesis?

And i don't want anybody making up stupid lies just because they are bored with thier own lives.

Has anyone else ever had a near death experience where they were taken and shown heaven and hell?

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does the buzz website for how to get telekinesis actually work?

me and my friend went on the website to get telekinesis and telepathy.we just wanted to know if it works.
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