How would you describe your aura? Is it warm and friendly? Sanctimonious and vengeful? Something else maybe?

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anne s

it depends where i am and who i am with
it changes frequently


Green, blue and amber, nice, warm and friendly 🙂

bill j

Intelligent and offensive.

Molly Mop

Worn out and tired> How do I get it back to normal even though I dont get any time to rest and relax at all!?


Cynical and sarcastic.


I don’t have one.

Jamie F

Confident, reserved, introverted, intelligent, happy

secret agent hero

All the above and more besides.
p.s. i am not a clone.


I was once standing out side the local M&S store waiting for the wife as you do when this old biddy got in my face and said your aura will send you no where but hell I was totaly gob smacket she just walked of I had never seen that woman in my life before.I think she was a few slices short of a cut loaf


My aura is mostly a reflection of the environment surrounding it or put another way, it feeds off it.


friendly, easy-going but with a lot of mystery,
i have a naturally suspicious streak.
going by other peoples vibes, i can normally spot a fake.


i will tell you,mine is friendly inoffensive,my daughter is a psychic,she tells me that i have many colours to my aura?not exactly sure what that means as personally im alot sceptical of the whole psychic/readins etc thing,but each to thier own,


all the colours of the rain bow and I can actually see when I smoke a few spliffs




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