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How would you describe color to a blind person?

My idea is to compare colors to the human chakra energy systems, which are based on wavelengths and colors. So, the blind person could “feel the color” in their chakra energy centers.
1st chakra center corresponds to : Red
2nd: orange
3rd: yellow
4th: green
5th: blue
6th: lavender, purple
7th: white
Colors are about wavelengths, which a blind person can feel but not see. In the chakras, they can feel the wavelength with its corresponding color. So, they must have ideas about colors from their chakras.
Any other ideas about how to do it using wavelengths as examples?
You can find information on feeding the chakras with food at:


  1. If you’ve ever seen the move “Mask” from 1985, then there is a segment where Rocky (Eric Stoltz) meets a blind girl at camp and he tries to show her by using a hot rock for red, a cool rock for blue and cotton for white. Watch it. It’s a great movie. Cher plays his mother.

  2. RED= something hot
    BLUE= something cold
    ORANGE= Smell orange
    YELLOW = Something not too hot and not too cold or maybe drink lemonade or smell lemon
    PURPLE = A smell of a purple flower
    Thats what I think.

  3. colour to the eyes is like smell to the nose
    or sound to the ears, come to think of it sound is also wavelenths and frequency

  4. I’m giving you a star because this is a question that deserves respect. Not many people would think of this. Blind people sense things we cannot. I would describe red as the sun=hot
    orange=fruit, smell would be strong to them
    yellow=a lemon. another strong smell
    green=grass, feel and smell of cut grass
    blue-the ocean, the feel& sound of waves, smell the salt air
    lavender, purple= I would have them smell the lavender flower I grow lavender & it smells wonderful
    white= sheets
    hope that helps

  5. First step is to introduce the colors in a detailed way (primary,secondary etc.,) next introduce the colors as to wavelengths, next is the characteristics of colors comparing it to the attitudes of a person like red=hot and so on….. site stories that enhance their imagination refering to a specific color…Lastly as you teach consider his/her capabilities for it will make him /her confused as a blind… Keep going until he/she will be interested, Blind have other sources in other things because they are sensitive and they can handle things as to what you will like him/her to be…Use some strategies in teaching…

  6. A question that really deserves a star!:)
    How Do You Describe Color To A Blind Man?
    To describe colors to the blind is not any easy task. Rather than using words to paint things they can’t see and thus won’t be able to understand, let’s us play on their senses. Other than sight, they could smell, taste, hear and feel like ordinary human beings.
    Describing color to a blind person would indeed be difficult. They have no sense of what color is and so to help them understand you would need to be able to relate color to something that they could feel physically with their hands or on their skin. Even when we close our eyes, we can still see the shift of light around us…so how would you describe light to some one who is blind. I am going to attempt to give the idea of color to a blind person.
    red: pain-anger-shock-searing hot
    blue: soft-soothing-smooth
    green: the tickle of grass under your feet-strong like a tree full of leaves
    yellow: warmth like the sun on your face
    white: tasting like sugar on your tongue-feeling like a tear drop from your eye
    black: not able to see through-like being blind
    brown: the smell of coffee brewing in the morning-the feeling of mud in your hands
    orange: the zesty smell of a peeled orange-pumpkin seeds baked and salted
    pink: fluffy-sweet-gentle-cuddly
    purple: the taste of grape or plum-the feel of velvet
    gold & silver: hard like the feel of metal
    gray: much like a rock you hold in your hand-gritty like dirt-the color of clouds pouring rain.


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