Home Discussion Forum How would you define witchcraft and what constitutes as witchcraft?

How would you define witchcraft and what constitutes as witchcraft?

I don’t always see it as definable since many early religions could be described as containing “witchcraft elements,” even though they have nothing to do with each other. And so, why would some religions be targeted and not others. Personally I don’t know that God would see the need to condemns some different religions over another, but what do you think?


  1. Those fingers in my hair
    That sly come hither stare
    That strips my conscience bare
    It’s witchcraft

  2. witchcraft takes us back to the dawn of life when humans worshipped nature as their god
    we still can find smatterings of witchcraft in every religion.

  3. Making spells, applying toxins to a broomstick and ‘flying’ it around the kitchen, claiming to cure warts and embarassing ailments, using herbs you have collected, coupled with rituals, stuff like that I guess.
    Also it could be by being a member of a coven of witches, or pagan group that call themselves witches and adhering to their rituals and activities

  4. Even in the old testament during the days of king Ahab is mother patronised witchcraft and has more than 100 sorcerers in her kingdom.It still exist even today all over the world.It is one of the magic charms calling the dead spirits to enquire and know about the next move of the person and also it helps to kill the person soon by their magic charms.

  5. Witchcraft is a bit like the word pagan. Something the Christians like to finger wag at because its not Christian.
    Every other ritual is witchcraft according to the Christians. They swing incense, that’s a sacrament to god, but an indigenous person burning a sage smudge stick for the same purpose is committing devil worship witchcraft. Everything to do with Christianity is contradictory. I came to the conclusion that everything they say, the complete opposite is true.
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  6. Witchcraft is that witches are said to leave their bodies at night and fly away, either to meet with other witches or to eat away the lives of their victims. Since the bodies of the witches remain sleeping in their beds, support for these tales is mainly supplied by confessions of people who have given up witchcraft. For example, one African magazine quotes ex-witches (mostly teenage girls) as saying: “I killed 150 people by causing motor accidents.” “I killed five children by sucking up all their blood.” “I killed three boyfriends because they jilted me.”
    The testimony and confessions of those who have been involved in spiritism and witchcraft are often far from reliable. Such people may sincerely believe that they have seen, heard, or experienced certain things; yet, in fact, they have not.

  7. When one hasn’t approached, or met, themselves yet, they will identify with ‘labels.’ IE; I am a witch, I am a ‘christian,’ I am a buddhist, I am a hindu, I am a pastor, I am a minister, etc, etc…
    The ego loves to identify with labels and cannot go one day without them. That’s just a text book fact. Once the egoic desire is gone, all labels go as well.
    Some call this ‘disappearing.’ The ego doesn’t like this either.
    When one HAS approached and met themselves and has embraced that, they simply say “I Am.” They no longer have the desire to be anything other than what they truly are.
    Labels are no longer attached because they have risen above the ego and find that labels only detract from who they really are.

  8. Witchcraft is NOT a religion, it a craft which was and still is used to heal, decide which paths you take and learn self awareness. Witches can be any religion or no religion. Unlike Wicca which is a religion (or rather many) and is polytheistic in nature.
    What witchcraft is not is listed in many of the answers I have read. True witchcraft has nothing to do with killing or eating children, nor does it involve flying brooms about a kitchen nor worshiping a Christian Devil, but this last is up to the practitioner… All those myths have been created by people from the early church and jealous neighbors who wanted the properties of the so called witch.

  9. Witchcraft comes from what is now called the Old Religion. Many new age people call themselves witches that follow Wicca. But there is a huge difference between Wicca and Witchcraft.
    I will say that many people don’t understand that there is a difference mainly because all they have been exposed to is Wicca. Witches of the Old Religion do not learn our Craft from written books that can be bought on any bookstore’s shelves, we learn ours either passed through family or through an apprenticeship.
    Witchcraft does not have the Rede that Wiccan’s follow, nor do we tie ourselves down to a specific pantheon. Wicca seems only to stem from Celtic origins.
    There are many ways you can define Witchcraft/the Old Religion/ and what makes it up. If you would like, feel free to email me and I’ll offer you as much help as I can.


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