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by all7sins:

I don’t believe in god(s). I do believe every living thing has energy that keeps the world functioning and that energy can be used to heal other living things. I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell, not sure if I believe in reincarnation. Or spirits at all… Part of me thinks when you die, your energy ceases to be. Though part of me thinks the energy may leave something behind.
I don’t think that falls under ‘atheist’ but perhaps it does. Generally I just answer ‘pagan’. Anyone have any suggestions>
You can throw your bible at me all you want, this is still what I believe. Congrats on your two points, and wasted time!

Answer by Delgarits


  1. From the first sentence, you are an atheist. You cans till be spiritual, and agnostic (admitting you don’t know for sure), but lacking a belief in deities is the definition of an atheist.
    So, you can call yourself a spiritual agnostic atheist if you want to be more specific.

  2. You fall under the definition of atheist because of your non-beliefs in god/s.
    However, you believe in other things, which is also permitted under the atheist definition, as long as these other things are not gods.

  3. Energy cannot ceased to exist, what it does is move from one state into another.
    You sound like an agnostic.

  4. Get a life and except Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior and find truth and eternal life. All the rest is sinking sand!

  5. atheism is the single position of not believing in gods.
    so you are an atheist.
    as for the other spiritual stuff, that’d just be a subset of atheism.

  6. Atheist… with weird beliefs about energy.
    The world would continue fine without humans or life by the way — as does the vast majority of the rest of the universe.

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