Home Discussion Forum How would you define Higher Consciousness?

How would you define Higher Consciousness?

And how do you think you attain it?


  1. I think that higher consciousness is that part of our brain that is fully human, absent our biases, our prejudices, our conceits and our hopes – just our pure humanity. I think we obtain it by doing a few things. One is practicing letting our brains settle – I do this by breathing. Another is getting out of our ‘story’ and just looking at the what happened. We get so wrapped up in rationalizations, reasons, explanations and blame that we have forgotten to just say ‘I did that’, and take ownership for our actions.

  2. A level of understanding and communication wherein you are able to connect with forces outside the mundane human physical and mental every day concept of how “things” are or are meant to be.
    To attain it? Spiritual, scientific and social concepts vary on that part. Personally, I think the first step is to believe that a higher consciousness truly exists … once you can do that, then the way to find it will present itself.

  3. Most people think they get there through the use of extra-curricula activities—Mary Jane, alchohol, acid etc…that is if you are speaking of Western cultures. In other Eastern cultures, you get there through meditation–viz clearing your mind and letting something else fill the void. So, higher consciousness is outside stimulants, either man made or otherwise, but you can’t get there alone.

  4. This is a good question for it can cover a lot of things. Dedicate your time to learn of the many answers to all of creation mysteries. Have a I.Q. Higher than your shoe size. And figure out who is selling you the book on this subject.and if he/she can do it. How would you know if you were higher by what measurement?

  5. Consciousness is created through experience.
    Thus, “higher consciousness” is composed of and/or created by “higher experiences”.
    HIgher experiences are created as a result of exposing yourself (specifically your mind — which then cascades down to your other ‘parts’) to “higher light” (of the soul) — which can be by knowledge, intelligence, study, meditation, contemplation and acts of service — which, in-turn causes what some refer to as “enlightenment”.
    Ancient Wisdom teaches us to: “…hold our minds steady in the light…”
    …and to follow the highest we know (or can perceive)…

  6. Hello and God gave that thing called Conscious that is the science of right and wrong it is a gift of God, it is guided by The Holy Spirit of God and The Holy Bible cause there is someone called satan out there and he wants to guide you to, to your death and you best know which is which cause there is despite what you have been ever told or heard no other choices, http://www.amazingfacts.org God bless.

  7. To transcend thought, to go beyond what you “think” you are. Don’t think. Be still. Meditate. It’s not really attained, it’s more like knowing you are home, and that you only “thought” you weren’t. ~*~

  8. I define it as a nonsense concept.
    There is consciousness and there is unconsciousness, and anything else is wishful thinking.

  9. Higher consciousness, to me, is heightened senses and reaching out with your feelings.
    I think you could only achieve it through meditation and study.

  10. Our highest consciousness is the pure part of our spirit that communes with the Divine. You attain it by meditating and striving.

  11. If I want to attain a higher conscious the first step is to know that I am working in lower concious levels . When I know that the lower concious was the result of the ignorance of the higher concious that moment the bird has flown .


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