Home Discussion Forum How would wearing all black 24/7 effect your aura?

How would wearing all black 24/7 effect your aura?

What would wearing black hats do to the aura around a person’s head? How would it effect a person’s health or mood?


  1. i wear pretty much black and dark colors everyday 24/7.
    course im pretty happy i just wear black
    because i like the color, the only think i get pissed
    about is when all the preps call me emo or goth.
    when all my friends say im not i just dress the style

  2. It would turn them into an evil troll that lives in an evil cave. You will wind up eating evil peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of your evil life.

  3. it doesnt, it all depends on the way you percieve yourself. some people wear black and look depressed while other wear black and have the most confident personality that just emits a glow to everyone within 10 feet. it all depends how you view yourself so if you want to wear all black who cares and just do it.

  4. Wearing a black hat is fine, but wearing black ALL the time is a bit extreme. Black is a good colour, but it shouldn’t be the only colour in your outfit. It’ll look too dull and boring. People might think your unapprochable or really sad.
    You need some colour in your life! Since black matches anything, match it with a neutral colour, or bright colours! Add accessories too!

  5. It doesn’t. Aura is a part of you, not your fashion sense. I wear black all the time, but my aura is Indigo and Orange. Also, I’m a perfectly happy, confident individual.


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