Home Discussion Forum How would US Laws change if we adapter taoism?

How would US Laws change if we adapter taoism?

If the founders of the constitution were taoists, how would our laws change?


  1. Taoists wouldn’t write a constitution.
    Their example would simply inspire others to do so.
    By not attempting to lead others, the “sage” becomes a great leader.

  2. This is a strange question indeed.
    And there’s no way to answer a hypothetical of this type. Lao Tzu despised technology, and one could imagine that if the Founding Fathers were all Taoists, we might be all like the Amish. Actually, most of the Founding Fathers were Deists and into naturalism in philosophy not supernaturalism, which means they were not too far off from the philosophy of Lao Tzu to start with.


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