how would u feel if a psychic told you you had a brother u never knew off?

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i recently saw a psychic medium ( whom i waited 12 months to see by appointment) she told me some interesting bits and pieces about my life then told me i had a brother and that he was looking to find myself and my sister through the internet!! i dont know whether to be excited and look forward to maybe one day meetin this person or to put it to back off my mind incase its not true ??

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I don’t believe in psychics BUT if that thought is bugging you, you should ask your mother 🙂


wow… ive never been to a psychic but always wanted to…
i say, dont think about it too much although i know its probably not that easy, but dont get your hopes up because if it dosnt happen then u know ur going to be bumed out, but if it does then holly shi****….

Denise J

I don’t believe it. To tell you that you have a brother that you have never met is very sad. She has told you something that you will want but will never be able to find. You should stop wasting your money with a psychic because she lied to you.


I don’t believe in such things but you should talk about it with your parents or other close relatives.

Marlena s

i would ask someone i would really trust if it was true or not

Maria R

if it is bothering u ask ur parents


12 months to see a physic man did she see you coming.


Hey just a real bit of advice. Think about this. This person don’t know you from Adam. Who is she to tell you that you have a brother you never knew. If she is such a psychic, you should have asked her for his number and his name and date of birth.
Sorry to be so sarcastic but I just want to tell you that the information they are giving you there is not true. If it is bothering you that much, just ask your parents girl.
I just pray that you don’t’ go back there and waste your money or time by listening to those lies they speak to your from the devil.
This is there job and they will tell you anything to make you come back.


Don’t count on it because it could just be a fake prediction or the supernatural is talkin’ to her. Anyway…. if you believe her ask your mom or dad if you actually have a brother. or do some research of your own.

Jo D

Well I’d think about what else she told you and whether or not she was correct..
If the other facts are or do turn out to be true then maby she is right??
I’m sure you considered asking your parents, But that may not be possible as not all of us are in contact with both our parents.
So I’d just sit back and wait? If, like she says, he’s looking for you, he’s bound to find you sooner or later!!
Good Luck Girl..


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