how would the uneven energy absorption by different surfaces on earth affect the atmosphere?

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How would the uneven energy absorption by different surfaces on earth (water, soil, snow, trees, sand, etc.) affect the atmosphere?

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Think about how the sun heats things up and what keeps the heat in. I used to go running at lunchtime when I was stationed in the Mojave Desert, when I stayed up on the ridge, all was good. It was rocky and pretty much a wide open space. But, when I got into the home stretch (down between the warehouses), the temp. went up at least 10 degrees and, there was no wind movement.
So, the sun shines down and hits the ground, which then absorbs some of that energy and turns it into heat, the rest, gets reflected back up towards the atmosphere. If there is water nearby, it tends to evaporate it a bit and that makes clouds, which help to block out the sun’s rays/energy, which you would think cools the earth. But those clouds also trap in what gets reflected, making it a bit of a pressure cooker, which means the clouds act like an insulator. Stary nights are generally colder than are cloudy nights.


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