How would Socrates and Lao-Tzu support themselves if they were alive today?

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What kinda job they’d do?

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Quite possibly they would be Professors of Philosophy.

Constipated Clown

They would be those freeloading roommates on the couch that makes humorous comments during television programs.

Blue Sky

Socrates would be a Brain Surgeon and Lao Tzu would be an Astrophysicist.


They’d probably take a look around and die of heart failure.


I’m pretty certain that Socrates would be either a bartender or a rock musician.
Lao Tzu, on the other hand, would almost certainly start out in an appointed position in the federal government reporting directly to the president, and then would resign and spend the rest of his life as an editorialist.


They would be professors..

The Outcast

Writing books, appearing as a regular on Oprah. Maybe even starting a cult.


They would work at walmart.


they would be absorbed into the war machine known as the united states government. their values and ideas would not be the same. no longer men of knowledge and pragmatism they would be men of power and control who were seduced by the trapping of greed.

flower wanda

Self help seminars.


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