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How would reincarnation work if there are more people now than ever before?


  1. If earth could be weighed on a scale, I can challenge that its weight would remain unchanged since its inception. Earth has been home to many life forms since past billions of years, mammoth dinosaurs existed along with other animals, it was difficult for the human race to survive amidst such huge predators. The end of the dinosaurs made way for human civilizations to emerge, the animals got smaller. Many species got extinct. In its entirety the creative, preservative and destructive forces of the divine entity called God have always been at work, and God ensures that his creation does not burden the earth with excess weight, so God maintains the balance, humans have incarnated from creatures of the past that have become extinct in the cyclical scheme of God. These are the end times when humans have reached the explosion point and soon at the end of this cycle all of us shall perish, but our spirits shall move on to the next dimension of incarnation because our progression is both cyclical and forward.

  2. Actually there are more souls then there are humans and some don’t incarnate right away. There is choice in that matter. You can watch or participate. There are a larger number of births now because they want to be present now while everything is so interesting. Just think of all the craziness around! Technology, religion, politics, economy, apocalypse (not armageddon), Earth changes, potential prophesy fulfillment (hopefully its the 3rd Jerusalem that leads us all to peace; its possible!). Humans have tainted His words and intentions throughout the ages. Free will and love must surround us to survive this possible time of judgment. Wake up.


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