How would reincarnation even work?

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The question pretty much says it all, but aslo, i want to ask, what sense does reincarnation even make?
Your supposed to make progress to be a better person in each life, but if you dont know what you did in your previous lives, then how do you know what to do in your current life?

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No sense at all. The notion that “you” used to be someone who WASN’T you! Huh?? And that “you” will someday be someone else who ISN’T you! Well, if it wasn’t you and won’t be you, then what’s the sense in claiming that “you” were there, or will be there? But wait, maybe “you” don’t even exist! Maybe “you” are just the reincarnation of someone else! Duh!!!!!!


Dr Michael Newton can help fill in the info:


Reincarnation makes no sense whatsoever. In addition to the point you bring up, who or what power determines what is good and bad, better or worse, and how is this information communicated to each sould? Additionally, who or what power is responsible for placing your soul into each new physical being? How does the supernatural world interact with the natural world?
And there are many more questions, none of which have a reasonable answer.
Since there is no evidence whatsoever for the supernatural world or reincarnation, all you’re going to get from believers is the same old generic dogma.


Does reincarnation have to make sense, or is it just how nature works?
The counter question I could ask is whether having only one life makes sense?
It is merely one of the possibilities; either something like a soul exists in us that continues after death, or it doesn’t.
Actually, it may be interesting to consider that although Christians and Muslims etc. are generally fervently against reincarnation, they still believe in some sort of after-life; so it seems that not many people actually believe that there is no continuation after death of anything at all, so the discussion becomes a matter of words and details.
It is very hard to check, so for most people either choice is a matter of belief.


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