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How would one recognize his/her twin soul in the Astral World if…?

If in the physical, you have found your twin soul but he is Caucasian and you are Asian and when time comes that you would reunite in the Astral level, how would you recognize/identify a Spirit? Does it have a face, race, etc? If not, how would you know him/her?
If one retains his/her own image after death and if that person has to go through many incarnations, will he/she possess the same image in every incarnation…what about races?


  1. There is a after life , but once you die , you don’t come back .
    And in this after life you will be able to know others as you knew them here .
    I have read a book about a man who died for 90 Min’s
    I have read a book on this , but here is a clip of this on u-tube .
    I have also seen Jesus in a Vision myself , and He who can’t lie had it is apointed unto man to die once , that mean this body will die some day even if , God brings you back from death , we still will die , and once dead , we don’t ever come back , other than when we are reserected with a new body , that will never die .

  2. you won’t know until you pass on.
    we are only incarnated once.
    you will somehow find that person. maybe if they have already been incarnated they will be waiting for you. if they haven’t been incarnated yet you might wait for them.

  3. if you have truly found your twin soul, there is no question you will find each other in the next life or plane, whatever it is that we await.
    i personally beleive that we are reincarnated until we run out of desire to live.if we truly beleive that we live only once, and shall go to ‘heaven’ or wherever, then you will stay there, content in the beleif that you have completed your life.
    odds are they will have something that you constantly notice now, like eyes, or little actions or sayings that you know your twin to have, and thats how you’ll know.failing that, you will feel them.
    my beleif anyway:)

  4. I dont know where your getting at to be honest, but I have read a few things here and there about spirituality. The book of the Pleiades for instance, trippy stuff actually. As well as some Buddhism and Hinduism.
    Im guessing your referring to your twin soul as your soulmate? I have mixed views about there existing a soulmate concept. Its hard to say for certain if anyone really has just one soulmate for each and every person in creation. Can you imagine the logistical problems if that was the case. Not to mention what that means for those who have married and divorced countless times. And what about those who marry and are totally happy but yet are like 30yrs apart in age. Does that mean soulmates arent always born within their same generation?
    Do spirits have a face or race, I dont think they do. I think we might incarnate into soul family groups. This is of course speculation. But I feel that family extends outside the physical plane, and we are always bonded somehow with grandparents parents, even grandparents becoming children again who know ey. Anyways races are irrelevant I believe in the astral plane, they are merely like guises that are played out in a theatre. Life being the grand stage. We all live out our experiences to the betterment of our development. Some of us make good choices or bad choices, but ultimately in the eyes of those who are in the astral plane, there is no good or bad, only experience, some of it critical to get to the next level of understanding.
    So if we dont have a face outside the physical plane how do we know who is who? I think faces and images are a very human way of seeing reality, moreso a very physical way of rationalising things. Of course our essence is more than just our face, otherwise think of how blind people can still differentiate family etc.
    Other than that you should more question what it means essentially to be an individual, when my grandmother died and I was at her wake, I remember wondering who she really was, if the physical had stopped existing. I pondered this for such a long time, this is when I had to seperate the physical guise to who she really was, and what she really meant to me. So ultimately I had to see the wonderful contributions she had made to me over the years because the image was to just see her superficially as a person not as a personality, and then I realised the physical was more of a hindrance to what her essence and dedication towards me really meant, and this helped alot more in defining who she was to me.

  5. I guess one would just “know”. At a guess I recon it’d be like that feeling you get when you think you’ve been to a place before, but you know you haven’t, yet you know where everything is. Or when you meet a person and you both “click”, same thing I recon.

  6. I don’t know how to answer this question, except clear this up:
    an essence twin is a soul that travels with you on your journey, the are part of you. a reflection of yourself. sometimes they are disincarnate and when this happens you feel them oven stronger, sometimes they can be your spirit guide. if they are incarnate in this lifetime, sometimes you don’t meet at all, sometimes you do. if you do meet there is an instant sense of belonging. they reflect back your strengths and weaknesses, it is like looking into a mirror. you don’t always get along, and they can be a parent, sibling, or a friend. and don’t mistake a soul mate with a twin essence/soul because they are not the same. a soul mate can also be someone whom you’ve met in between lives, while on the astral plane….theres an immediate pulling feeling towards them, so I guess thats how you’d recognize them. race/age, gender has noting to do with it..so thats all….

  7. Many who have experienced clinical death and then been resuscitated have said that their spirit body looked exactly the same except for being kind of blurry.
    As Christian I believe a person only lives one time in an earthly body.
    Hebrews 9:27
    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
    An Excerpt from someone who was dead for 34 minutes:
    The transition was serene and peaceful. I was walking up a beautiful green hill. It was steep, but my leg motion was effortless and a deep ecstasy flooded my body. Despite three incisions in my body from the operations, I stood erect without pain, enjoying my tallness, free from inhibitions about it. I looked down. I seemed to be barefoot, but the complete outer shape of my body was a blur and colorless. Yet I was walking on grass, the most vivid shade of green I had ever seen. Each blade was perhaps one inch long, the texture like fine velvet; every blade was vibrant and moving. As the bottoms of my feet touched the grass, something alive in the grass was transmitted up through my whole body with each step I took.
    “Can this be death?” I wondered. If so, I certainly had nothing to fear. There was no darkness, no uncertainty, only a change in location and a total sense of well-being.


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