Sunday, September 26, 2021

How would one deal w/ a parasitic entity in your aura attempting auric possession or draining you?

I have called on God to remove this entity from subtly influencing my thoughts, but it seems sort of difficult – It had been following me for a while from childhood, putting freakish fear in my head and draining me, etc…I am surprised how it ever infiltrated me though lately though, in December I was really “high” feeling good when it seemed to slip in – would holy water work? what would seriously rip it out ?


  1. follow the 8 fold path and abide in it fully. work out your traumas in this plane. cease all addictions. do no energy healing work. learn to ground. follow the mahayana path, or the ACIM. I have the same issue, but along with alot of ghosts and unfriendly beings. God can help you, but you contain the vehicle for god to manifest. follow the path and god will do its part as you do yours. good luck.


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